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The Hispanic Health Council’s Reflection and Commitment after the Death of George Floy


Hartford, CT, June 2020 — The brutal murder of George Floyd was witnessed worldwide and provoked grief, trauma, outrage and action.

For Black Americans, George Floyd’s death crystalized the centuries of racism that they have experienced - from the policies and practices of numerous systems, including police, legal, education, housing, food, hiring, pay, banking and healthcare, and from the words and actions of individual people.

This tragic event has also had a profound impact on other groups across this country and the world who have responded in solidarity, and also to demand justice related to discrimination that they have experienced. George Floyd, who wanted to “touch the world,” through the tragedy of his death, moved the world to say, “Enough is enough,” and to demand change.

The Hispanic Health Council’s mission is to improve the health and social well-being of Latinos and other diverse communities. Positive health and social well-being are not achievable in the context of institutional racism, and attitudes and actions that impose harm based on bias. We take a knee in solidarity with our Black American brothers and sisters and are committed to work with them to end the injustices that they have experienced for far too long. We stand committed to ending discrimination experienced by Latinos and by all diverse communities. This hard work must transform policies and systems, organizations and individuals.

George Floyd: ¡Presente!


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